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  • Dear,

    the 4 april is officially opened the new web site Our challenge is to provide all fans of the best radio controlled sailboats of world production.

    The star of the shop is the winch: what every skipper waiting for: simplicity, power, speed, light weight, easy to program, full-featured as standard.

    For the first time ever there is a high performance winch specifically designed for radio-controlled racing sailboat in three versions: Brush X Series – 280, Brush R Series – 380, bX Series Brushless 280.

    The winch that we designed and built is the most advanced, reliable and technologically advanced servo control for radio-controlled sailboats on the market today.
    We looked far and we are not compromises: high tech plastic parts, fiber carbon reinforced gears, ball bearings on all moving parts, large ball bearing on drum output for maximum reliability, electronics with high-speed RISC microcontroller, rotary magnetic encoder high resolution SoC in place of the potentiometer, programming interface ProCard™ with LCD display.

    The standard equipment is of great interest for the most demanding skipper:

    – Winch Encoder System™, complete with battery cables (1 mm2 – 17 AWG – 300 mm long), remote control cable compatible with the Tx-Rx systems Graupner – JR – Futaba – Hitec (length 300 mm), power cable with jumper (length 300mm).
    – Double System Drum Drum™ Ø 32 mm with washer and stainless steel screw, springs for right and left rotation, locking pins. The special Double System Drum™ allows the use both as a Self Tensioning Drum (right or left rotation) or as a Standard Drum.
    – Mounting hull screws stainless steel with washer.
    – Power Jumper.
    – USB key containing the user manual and maintenance, exploded spare parts, drilling templates, warranty and various technical documents.
    – Quick access manual.
    – Programming interface ProCard™ with LCD display that allows editing or viewing of standard parameters stored directly to allow the immediate use on the boat.

    The price reserved for you is certainly interesting and allows you to provide your customers with the best technology and reliability without compromise.

    I am looking forward to your early reply.

    Best regards,
    Alberto Spada

  • Hola Victor,
    acabo de leer el comentario (yo no sabía el sitio web).
    Si me escribes un correo electrónico (@ aa estará encantado de responder.

    Alberto Spada